02. Co-working versus home office

I try to stick to people I admire. I also think that when you find a great match, you should keep the connection going. That's why when my friend and colleague Dr Ivana Havelka offered me a place in her co-working office for interpreters and translators, I was immediately on board. Now more than six months down the line I can say with certainty that it was a good move. Having had previously worked from home, I still find it fascinating to be able to discuss translation issues over a cup of coffee, it feels good to be surrounded by colleagues who all work hard and whose concentration skills seem to exceed mine, it is fascinating to follow discussions on pricing strategies, on experience with clients or hearing news from the translating and interpreting community. For me the advantages of a co-working environment far outweigh the benefits of working from home. But of course, these are my personal views and preferences. They might not resonate with you. It could well be a topic for one of my next posts – to find our why some colleagues prefer working from home. And of course, I would really appreciate, if I could hear your opinion in the comments!
Anyway, to give you a better picture of the co-working office where I work and the rates applicable, here are some facts:
A 24/7 package with business address, your own large desk, a lockable filing cabinet, the use of a printer, scanner, machines for making your own notepads, use of kitchen and free coffee costs 240 euros per month when you opt for a 6-month-contract. There is also a small room that can be used for remote interpreting. Aside from the full-time contract there are two other packages to choose from: a part-time desk or just the business address and the possibility to meet your customers on premise. Currently most of the desks are taken, but if you do have any questions, you can email to: ivana.havelka@linguosa.com.
And here come some pics – taken today:

My desk

Our business cards in the waiting room

The second room

My colleagues


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