04 To do or not to do a PhD?

Having just finished my doctoral studies I would like to take the time to reflect on the challenges and benefits of my degree. I am not going to start to lecture on how good it is to do a PhD. For some it might not be the best option anyway, but for me it was a fascinating time.  I thoroughly enjoyed learning the rules of research, reading a lot and understanding the importance of staying cool and methodical. Research cannot be rushed and sometimes letting go and halting the intense efforts can help produce moments of insight – when you suddenly clearly see the next step ahead and for a brief moment feel very clever. I don’t want to sound geeky, because once you start your PhD, you will know very quickly what I am talking about. Sure, you become less flexible, more cash-strapped and very busy, but that’s temporary. The benefits of a PhD are very tempting though: sharpening your analytical skills, exchange with likeminded individuals - so enjoyable and thought-provoking, learning your strengths and weaknesses.  Finally, not forgetting the pragmatic aspect, your PhD gives you a great access to professionals in your field of expertise, expanding your professional network. So, as I said above, I am not going to lecture on how good it is to do a PhD, but it’s a winning strategy in my book. Is it in yours? 

Defensio - my final exam

My research topic: Translators as language teachers


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