05 Translators and interpreters as language teachers

The topic of language teaching seems to be off-limits amongst interpreters and translators. However, a statistic study carried out in 2008 indicated, that 37,5% of all graduates of the Centre for Translation Studies at the University of Vienna worked either part-time or full-time as language teachers. Considering the recent political developments, which have led to a high increase in German courses, the number of language teachers amongst the interpreters and translators nowadays is likely to be even higher. Other statistic sources also suggest a greater involvement of interpreters and translators in the field of language teaching in Austria.
The scope of my doctoral thesis is to draw attention to the high proportion of interpreters and translators in the language teaching. The study also offers an insight into many aspects of language teaching carried out by translators, such as motivation for starting to teach, length of and plans for further teaching, types of language courses where translators and interpreters can be found etc. Crucial however is the question, how well qualified the interpreters and translators are to teach languages. Finally, the thesis also discusses the role of the Centre for Translation Studies at the University of Vienna in initiating discussion with regards to this so far tabooed professional activity, as well as in considering curricular steps, which would allow its students to better prepare for any future teaching activity.
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