08 Your business card

There is no denying that holding a stylish business card in your hand feels classy. So, imagine the exhilaration if that business card is yours! A card provides your client with a reassuring evidence of your business presence and is a finishing touch to your no doubt flawless presentation. 

The design of my business card was part of the corporate-identity package delivered by my graphic designer (see post 03). The designer came up with several drafts, which varied mostly in the way how the company logo was utilised. I provided the text and after a final discussion the card was ready for print. The cards are made of thick, matt, laminated paper, with the company logo on the cover and my contact details on the reverse side – see pictures below.

Different people have different business cards: I also like the idea of my colleague and friend, Dr. Ivana Havelka. She went out to distinguish between three areas of her professional expertise: court interpreting, remote interpreting and language services. Her graphic designer used different colours for different fields – as you can see below.
What about your business card? If you have one you are proud of and would like to share it, email me on: office@englisch-tschechisch.at!


reverse side

Distinguishing between fields of expertise - Dr. ivana Havelka


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